The vision for is to be the “one stop shop” for all things Campus Pastor. A place for campus pastors, aspiring campus pastors and others to CONNECT – LEARN – GROW. It’s a place where mutual interaction and relationships can happen. It will be a place where best practices, blog pots, leadership stuff and other ideas can be fostered and and communicated. These will be a built in networking community for campus pastors. A very social connecting place. This will also be the site where they can get information about, sign-up for and connect to the campus pastor coaching network.


Options submitted to client.campuspastor_option_1 campuspastor_option_2 campuspastor_option_3

December 23 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
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NxtLevel Solutions

A consulting firm based in Oklahoma City designed to take individuals and organizations to the next level by providing solutions to stimulate both internal and external growth through strategy and creativity, diversity, new media, and leadership development. NxtLevel serves and works with a wide variety of great organizations including: fortune 100 corporations, top Christian non-profits, ministries, school districts, colleges, pastors, businesses and individuals. Moving them from where they are to where they want to be.

nxtlevel_sketch_1 nxtlevel_sketch_2 nxtlevel_sketch_3


October 14 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
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Churchium manufactures and sells aluminum iPodiums for speakers using iPads. They needed a mark that defined the product in a memorable way.


Other design concepts presented to the client.churchium_option_1 churchium_option_2

October 07 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
Category Design, Identity, Sketches
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Catherine Coen Designs

This Charleston, SC based studio hand makes one-of-a-kind, limited edition custom designed jewelry using precious and semi-precious gems, stones and pearls with sterling silver and gold-filled metals.


Catherine also wanted to spruce up her Etsy shop.

ccd_etsyBusiness card concept.ccd_businesscard

Other logo options presented to the client.ccd_option_1 ccd_option_2

September 30 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
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Goodlett Capital Management

With 26 years of experience in capital management, Greg needed an identity whose brand image reflected trustworthiness and competence while consistently building long term relationships.


Final design as delivered to Greg.goodlet_stationarySome other logo options.

goodlet_option_1 goodlet_option_2 goodlet_option_3


September 23 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
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BeeSticky is a coaching/consulting web based company helping churches make their social media strategy sticky. The company was created as a one stop shop to find the best of the best and blog links for learning about social buzz.

My expectations are high for designers and Curtis has met those each and every time. Curtis meets deadlines and budget and gives you a product that you can be proud of.


Other options presented to the client.beesticky_option_3 beesticky_option_4 beesticky_option_1 beesticky_option_2

September 16 / 2013
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2013 Logo Trend Report

Each year, LogoLounge produces a report forecasting the tend of logo design. This year they have 15 leading categories. Do you see yours in this trend? Check out the full report.









Nature Marks














Line Craft








September 13 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
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3.14 Pies

2010 American Graphic Design Award Winner

3.14 Pies is a Charleston, SC based business with the dream to transform pie from an American classic to an imaginative, designer dessert made with artisan techniques.

Brent and Lindsay Doolittle wanted an identity that was simple, clean and refined yet approachable.

314pies_sketch 314pies_bc

Curtis did an excellent job of seeking to understand my business and the look/image I was seeking for it. His designs were creative and he was flexible throughout the process.

September 12 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
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Pat Eardley

2010 American Graphic Design Award Winner

A brand identity was needed for Pat Eardley, a newly established human resources advisor in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Professional, affordable, experienced, and approachable are some of the brand attributes that identify and set Pat apart from her competition.

pateardley_sketch pateardley_bc_1 pateardley_bc_2

Curtis did a great job capturing my thoughts and forming them into a great logo and business card. His rates were resaonable and the work was timely. Great Job Curtis!

September 11 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
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Heidi B. Brausch

Small business owner Heidi Brausch needed a brand identity that established the look and feel of professionalism, trustworthiness, and attention to detail. The new brand mark establishes an engaging, refined style that visually represents the personal touch Heidi brings as a certified public accountant.


The following images were presented to the client as different options to choose from.heidi_concept_2 heidi_concept_3 heidi_concept_4 heidi_concept_1

September 10 / 2013
Author Curtis Stephens
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